The Letter D is Missing

Awesome modern lyric by Alan Summers!

weird laburnum

the life of the dog
who changed his mind
for sunspots

Another day in submarine light the hydrogen jukebox plays cigarette smoke
with burnt coffee. A different tune to the one selected pops up…

a dog all smiles
can’t wait to say hello
we talk secretly

There continues a private convo with dogs around the games table, weaving anecdotes into imaginary cigars.

the life of the dog
who changed his mind…
a night’s edge of pages

Are dogs frustrated writers?

sun scared in a diary
those other left behinds
we forget to ride

The universe that lies between the universe…

the magic of a ball
the life of the dog who

deciding Karma
he upgrades himself
to an Irish Setter

dogs on the run
a lost torch finds itself
in time for supper

Alan Summers
The “Surrealism as Truth series” in association with “the dogs of name.”
(A muri-bun)

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