Van Gogh’s combat fatigues

Another brilliant piece of modern lyric by Alan Summers!!

weird laburnum

The EY Exhibition: Van Gogh and Britain
Tate Britain 2019

the man who isn’t
with anyone
stops alongside
different people

choosing them
over the paintings

he has birds
in his arms

and loose locks
of hair made from thought

there are small lives
within the frames of paintings
having candlelit dinners

and the last door
out of the exhibition
will begin to sound
like a trombone
taking leave
of someone

we hear the chatter
between airlocks
it’s news of a hundred
and two decades old

as the hours close
in on themselves
the trombone reflects
on Louis Armstrong
talking to Vincent

backend rain…
a pair of canvas boots
framed by the door

Alan Summers

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