Red Haubarg

RED HAUBARG – Roter Haubarg, Witzwort

I started painting this view of one of my own photographs from the Red Haubarg Schleswig Holstein, Germany during the wonderful watercolor workshop with Thomas Schaller at Chicago, perfectly organized by Ingrid Albrecht. So much learned about picking the right object, composition, position of light and color choice. So all I need is time and practice to paint all the views and stories who I carry inside my head.

***A Haubarg, rarely also Hauberg, is the typical farmhouse of the Eiderstedt peninsula on the northwest coast of Germany and is a type of Gulf house. It emerged in the late 16th century when West Frisian immigrants brought with them the Gulf type of farm building and it was to continue to be used until the late 19th century as a farmhouse. In the Netherlands these houses are called stolpboerderij.

The word „Haubarg“ means a place for piling or stacking hay (see hooiberg). As a byre-dwelling, man and animal lived for centuries in haubargs under one roof, albeit in separate rooms. http://www.wikipedia

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